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Combe Mill

When the Cornish boiler was taken out of service in 2005 the Society had to find alternative means of supplying steam for the beam engine and small engines.  At first we were loaned a traction engine and later a steam roller but in both cases they did not have the steam capacity to support long periods of running.  They did, however, give a lot of enjoyment to both members and visitors alike.

We were fortunate to acquire a second-hand steam boiler that had used town gas as fuel and which we were able to convert to being oil fired.  We refer to this as our standby boiler and it is housed in a lean-to building at the rear of the Mill in the corner with the original sawmill building.

The boiler house is not open to visitors but can be seen if accompanied by a Society member.

Annual testing of the pressure safety valves.

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Steam raising boiler